Long Overdue: Birthday in St. Maarten and Anguilla

I celebrated my birthday (in October) in Sunny Sint Maarten and took a day trip over to Anguilla and I will say both islands are amazing. Not only was it great to get away from the Autumn cold, but it was great to take a trip to a new island with friends and just relax for a few days. There were no worries and nothing but fun on this trip.

To start, we stayed at the all-inclusive Sonesta Maho Beach hotel. We were originally supposed to stay at the Sonesta Great Bay, the sister hotel, but Hurricane Gonzalo stormed in on October 13 and made other plans. All in all, the island was still a great visit. Check out some of the photos below.


On Sandy Island, Anguilla


Views from the drive to Philipsburg


Eyes close but great shot of the pool bar


Such a beautiful sunset


Nothing like a palm tree and calm blue/green waters



Fun times on Sandy Island with @CeeIsMee


I am the captain of this ship


Before we got on one, we took a last shot



Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Life Weekend in NYC

There are some times in your life when you have to take a moment to pause and look at what’s around you. You take inventory of the people, the situations, your job, etc. and you realize what helps to make you a better person, what helps to propel you forward. When you take a minute and remember your purpose, you start to feel that your passion is your own and no one else can feel more strongly towards it than you. Well, this past weekend, I made an investment in understanding myself a little bit better by attending the Cosmopolitan magazine Fun, Fearless Life weekend conference in NYC. Speakers were from all walks of life but all who served as a positive model for women. They were there to talk not only about their successes in business as well as how to keep the motivation to move forward.

There were thousands in attendance soaking in the goodness. The Maybelline shop was a great place to stop by during the breaks and get your makeup done as well as hear some tips for beauty tricks. There was an Express store, where they not only had clothes for sale, but were giving out free clutch bags containing portable chargers (to keep the social activity live during the event of course!) The weekend was filled with great women who are awesome and inspiring and have also walked a mile in the same shoes we are now putting on. They taught us how to appreciate ourselves and go after the things after we believe in, knowing our worth. Check out some pictures from the event below!


Thousands attending the Fun Fearless Life conference!


Get your face beat at the Maybelline station!


Other event goers @toxxicsun and @Beerbottles_Chainsaws…IMG_5578

Many great speakers in attendance, including Gabrielle Union…IMG_5554

Sophia Amuroso…IMG_5526and me (only as an attendee)!


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Refinery 29 and Woodbury Commons

If it’s not enough to have a shopping, then enjoy a shopping trip where there is an event going on. At the end of October, Refinery29 made a stop to Woodbury Common in NY, part of their Simon Malls and Premium Outlets tour. Woodbury is known to have some great sales and I made sure to snag some shoes and a few other things while I was there. I took a stroll over to the Refinery29 area and while there, hot apple cider was given out, tote bags were being decorated, a $1,500 shopping spree was on the table and Refinery29 photographers were on the scene ready to capture some awesome Streetstyle. Take a look at some of the images below and check out some of the Streetstyle images captured on the scene here.

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Outside of the Refinery29 Booth

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Taking pictures at the display

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The DJ

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Hot Apple Cider!

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Different clothes and jewelry booths

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Design your own tote!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetAt the end of the day….

SJP – A girl has got to love her shoes, esp in NYC

I can’t say I am entirely upset with the shoot. Particularly because these are great shots . They really show how much Sarah Jessica Parker and ‘Carrie Bradshaw’ loves shoes. SJP took to the streets of NYC, in fact, in front of her home as Carrie Bradshaw in the West Village, the character she played on Sex and the City, to display her new shoe collection. The only problem is that the current owners of the apartment aren’t so happy with all of the attention they have been getting from the news.

Look what I found promenading.

A photo posted by SJP Collection (@sjpcollection) on

For someone like me, these shots would be an amazing way to show off my shoes. It is definitely something I wish I would have thought of but it certainly gives me inspiration. I love my shoes and although I try to slow down in adding more, the collection continues to grow.

That's a wrap ladies.

A photo posted by SJP Collection (@sjpcollection) on

I have definitely had my days of wanting to walk a mile in her shoes, imagining I could be the younger, urban version of Carrie Bradshaw. Only problem is that my collection doesn’t feature several pairs of Manolo Blahnik’s (maybe one day) or SJP’s yet.

Oh no. Eek. Sorry. No. I was just talking about the shoes. Oh man. Geesh. Sorry. X Sj

A photo posted by SJP Collection (@sjpcollection) on

The current owners made sure to make an attempt to keep people off of their steps but that did not stop SJP from lining up her soles for a great shot. It looks even better with the chain link and sign.

What do you think?


Warby Parker x 826 – All the better to see you with

When it comes to fashion, we have to consider every aspect. We look at every detail of our appearance and either unconsciously, subconsiously, or consciously make the decision about what to wear. Whether you work from the ground up and choose shoes first and then your clothes, or your clothes and then your shoes, you have a choice. However, there is one part of the look that some of us, mostly those who are too young to choose whether to wear or not to wear, have to take into account and that is the thing that makes us see better: Glasses. In various posts, I have been pictured in glasses and without, because I am wearing contacts, and I don’t have perfect vision so I need to wear something. As a child, contacts weren’t an option.

As a teenager, I thought the worst of glasses. I squinted to see the board in school because I didn’t want to be caught in my glasses. I was worried about how it would make me look, ruin my “image.” Now, there are brands like Warby Parker that understand the importance of reading and writing and make their best effort to make glasses that people of all ages want to wear. Not only do they make great glasses, but they are taking it a step further by teaming up with nonprofit organization 826* to make custom glasses in support of students’ creative interests and imagination. These glasses, known as Kidd, will be released in Revolver Black and are available for adults. There will only be 826 pairs made and each pair will be engraved with the edition number out of 826. The Kidd will come in both optical eyeglasses and sunglasses to support to NY and LA branches, respectively. In sleek black frames, the Kidd’s can be dressed up or dressed down. The classic frame works well with many outfits and would be an easy addition to any style.

826_engraving_v2-sun 826_engraving_v2-opt

One of the cool things about Warby Parker, is that not only are there so many styles to choose from, but they make it easy for you with a virtual try-on. I am desperately in need of a new pair of frames (I have been rocking the same pair for over 5 years!). It takes time to figure out what frames work for your face, what color you’re going to get and its actually fun, like playing dress-up all over again :) Check me out!

my mirror

I am very excited for the launch of Warby Parker x 826. Both brands are committed to the development of child education and support learning. They make doing so easy by providing eyewear that not only kids want to wear, but adults as well. As a person who has needed corrective lenses for more than half of my life and a lover of writing, so much so that I spent an extra few years in school to learn more about it, I support the mission and goal of making sure that people have quality eyewear at an affordable cost to make sure they are able to effectively work and learn.

*826 is a nonprofit organization, founded in Park Slope Brooklyn, dedicated to providing students age 6-18 with the support and skills they need in order to enhance their creative and writing skills. 826 is committed to providing one on one support to students in order to make sure they develop the strong writing skills that are fundamental to future success. This organization calls on over 1,000 volunteers consisting of teachers and other writing professionals to teach the students of 826 nationwide. Students in San Francisco, LA, Seattle, Chicago, Ann Arbor and Boston can reach out to their local 826 organization for more information.


Warby Parker x 826 Frames will be available in NY and LA locations today, October 21.



OOTD – Monday, October 13

This week, I brought out an old favorite. I loved this dress from Zara but I felt like it was a little too breezy to be worn as a dress. In comes the waist belt. I decided to pair this dress with a waist belt so that it appeared to be a top. That way, I was able to wear leather like leggings and spice the outfit up a little more. the dress has an amazing colorful design around the collar so there is no need for excessive jewelry, too many patterns and it would get lost anyway. The great thing about this dress is that it has so many colors which allows you the world of choices for shoes, and we know I love shoes. However, I decided to keep it simple and throw on a pair of nude flats from Express and let the top take the spotlight. Take a look at the pieces below and let me know what you think!

IMG_4801 IMG_4804 IMG_4805 IMG_4806




Up with a new song is B.o.B. featuring Trey Songz today. We can always listen to Trey Songz with his smooth lyrics and have no issue looking at his body with tattoos in just the right places. The song is the newly released single off of B.o.B.’s upcoming fourth studio album, currently untitled. Mr. Bobby Ray himself and Trey make a great team to let us know that even if we belong to someone else, they will make us theirs. Take a listen to the new single below and let me know what you think!





Fall Into Fashion OOTD – Friday, October 10

In true fall Fashion, I brought out some of the burgundy that is sure to be seen in so many places this season. I really wanted to wear some tights because it was a little chilly day in NYC and I was excited to be able to pull them out. In addition, I got a great steal on a C Wonder sweater recently from Burlington Coat Factory so I wanted to wear that as well. This season, I really am all about being comfortably cozy. I feel like it is very important to show off your personal style but of course making sure you are comfortable doing so. Fall is usually one of the most fun seasons because you get to bring out the chunky sweaters, the riding boots, and the colors you wear also match what is going on outside. We see a lot more burgundy, forest green, darker shades of orange, etc. take a look at the outfit below and let me know what you think.

IMG_4722 IMG_4744

This necklace is a few years old and I found it at Forever 21. It went perfect with the skirt and added an additional set of colors which were set off really well against the cream sweater.


This skirt is from last season (or maybe the one before that) and is from H&M. The boots are Crown Vintage Rita Bootie and are available now at DSW in tan, black, and navy blue.IMG_4739


Briana Jernigan

Fashion PROfile – Briana the Goddess

Every week, we are going to feature one of our fashion friends and share some of their thoughts as it regards to fashion. This week, we are putting the spotlight on Briana the Goddess, an aspiring Fashion Editor who is a citizen of the world. She is currently a college student at Southern University and also a full time fashionista. Take a look at some of her responses below and let us know your thoughts!

1. Tell us who is one of your favorite designers and why?

Oh goodness, this is a very hard question but I’m going to have to say Phoebe Philo. My top two favorite brands are Chloé and Céline and she’s been instrumental with both but I really admire her personal style. I love how she’s very minimal with the light makeup, the light jewelry, and the structured pieces. She’s really cool and modern and to me she represents the type of woman that I am – girly but powerful!

2. What is one statement piece that you own or want to own and what is the significance of this piece?

I’m a sucker for a really good leather jacket. I don’t like when it looks too new, I don’t like when it looks too cheap. I’ve had a few good ones in the past but it’s ridiculously hard trying to find a descent leather jacket.

3. If you could be at a fashion round table, would else would be there? Top 5

To be fair I’m going to pick the top 5 who are still living: Raf Simons, Hedi Slimane, Anna Wintour, Phoebe Philo, and Naomi Campbell.

4. What do you see as a fall fashion trend and how will this impact your wardrobe? This can be something most talked about or something you believe will be very prevalent during the season.

Winter whites are pretty pleasant. I’ve been seeing a lot of white these last couple of seasons and while I love how it looks on other people, I’m going to have to pass on it just because I’m a nervous wreck in white. Still; ivories, pale pinks, powder blues, and some pastels look really nice for the fall – it’s something fresh and new.

5. What advice would you give to someone in regards to personal style?

I really admire when people know the difference between what’s fashionable and what their personal style is. I’ve seen lots of things on the runway or even in street style that looks really cool but like I said earlier, I’m more of a minimalist. I think it’s very important to know what works for you and knowing that it’s okay to say no to certain things that are presented at a fashion show. Be yourself!

6. Any additional fashion thoughts?

Could we not with the sleeveless trench coats?!

twitter: goddessbriana
tumblr: brianathegoddess.tumblr.com

If you would like to be featured, send an email to FemmenineNY@gmail.com for more information. Comment below if there are any questions or people you would like to see in an upcoming post!

OOTD for Monday, October 6

In my previous post, I showed a picture of the outfit I wore to a fashion networking event. Now, I wanted to share the outfit with a few more images and in a little bit more detail. You will soon come to learn that my favorite color is blue and it is a partial mission to work it in to my life in as many ways as I can. Below, I wore one of my favorite blue booties from Aldo. I am a big fan of black and white with a little color so I thought it would suffice to pair it with a necklace of the same shade. I got this necklace from So Good Jewelry in Soho, NY when they had a 50% off the entire store sale and a 4 for $20 sale. Check out the pics below and let me know what you think!

IMG_4626 IMG_4629FullSizeRender IMG_4641IMG_4632