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I want to share the fashion love and expose some of you. I have a few questions I would like to ask for a new blog series and would love to test out some fashion questions to get some ideas on who we think are some great designers and learn about some of the statement pieces and necessary fashions for fall. If you want to be featured, simply enter below and share on social networks. These posts will go up every Thursday and feature someone new! Check in to get some of their fashion tips and style.

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COOL ASS COVERS: Lorde Covers Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights” (VIDEO)

Originally posted on Global Grind:

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Our favorite bitchy resting face pop star Lorde covers our favorite bitchy resting face rap star Kanye West’s  “Flashing Lights.”

During her tour stop in the City of Brotherly Love, the “Royals” singer took a few moments to cover a few of her personal favorite songs, including Kanye’s Graduation smash and Bon Iver’s “Heavenly Father.”

Channeling her best Kanye mood, Lorde dramatically sang the Dwele-assisted single while rocking a camel-colored cloak as lights rapidly flashed around her. Lorde’s vocal take on “Flashing Lights” is definitely different from the original.

Watch the performance in the video up top. Also, find out if the 18-year-old Kiwi will be in a city near you.

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Bad Gal Behavior: The Most Jaw-Dropping Rihanna Magazine Spreads So Far (PHOTOS)

Originally posted on Global Grind:

rihanna tush mag

If you have a magazine, you might want to do whatever you can to get Rihanna to grace your cover. It’s guaranteed that jaws will drop.

The 26-year-old Bajan beauty recently covered TUSH Magazine, and she surprised fans with a whole new look while sporting all-leather and a silver wig in her spread. The look was not only reminiscent of X-Men’s Storm character, but it also served as a reminder that RiRi might be the one person in Hollywood who can channel any personality in any photoshoot.

Over the years, we’ve seen Rihanna go from keeping it completely classy for Vogue, to baring some skin for Esquire, and even going fully nude for Lui.

It’s hard to figure out what she’ll do next. Check out Rihanna’s most jaw-dropping magazine spreads in the gallery below.


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Jill Scott. Yes, please!

Just in a very soulful mood today and sometimes, you need just the right song to help carry that through. This is not an new song but it’s definitely a good one. take a listen to Jill Scott’s Le Boom Vent Suite and tell me what kind of mood this puts you in! Here’s this Thursday’s Song Of the Day.


Fashion Rocks and Usher Rocked It

If you missed the actual show and were not able to make it to the Barclay’s Center in Brookyln, NY, CBS network did a live taping of the Fashion Rocks concert where Fashion and Music collide. One of the more popular performances included a long time lust, USHER. He hit us with a few old time hits and some of those sensual dance moves that keeps us ladies entangled in his web of infatuation. You know, ‘You Got It Bad. ‘Check out the performance below:


Streetstyle During NYFW. What the others have to say

Although I could not be in NY during Fashion Week this year, I have pulled together a few lists of amazing streetstyle put together by some of our fellow lovers of fashion and style out there. Some of the images feature known names and others are event goers turn streetstyle models. Click the pictures below to view full size pictures and go to the site to see the full list.

Vogue Fashion Week Streetstyle

Lucky Mag Fashion Week Streetstyle


NYFW – Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2015 Show

For many of us who couldn’t make it, we are extremely happy that the revolution is televised. In other words, we can still see some of the runway shows although we weren’t able to make it. Check out the Spring/Summer 2015 Collection from Alexander Wang below!

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The Salad That Helps Diseases and Illnesses

Originally posted on LiveFit Fat Loss BootCamp:

  The Salmon Salad is a wonderfully healthy dish that is full of lean protein, healthy fats (such as olive oil and fish oil), and non starchy vegetables, while decreasing starches sugars, and saturated fats, and eliminating hydrogenated oils.

 Recent research has shown that a Mediterranean diet, which includes lots of olive oil, is not only generally healthy, but that consuming moderate olive oil can actually help lower harmful LDL cholesterol. Olive oil contains antioxidants that discourage artery clogging and chronic diseases, including cancer (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol 61, 1338S-1345S). A recent study showed that the Mediterranean diet was helpful in reducing the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis (Ann Rheum Dis 2003; 62: 192-195).

The salad and salmon diet, of 3 or more Salmon Salads a week, is beneficial for:

  • hypercholesterolemia
  • syndrome X
  • insulin resistance
  • elevated triglycerides
  • weight loss
  • hypertension
  • certain types of cancer
  • poor immune function
  • inflammatory and auto-immune conditions

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Music Goodies – Calvin Harris “Summer”

Although the summer is ending, there is that period right in the beginning of fall that is the most lively. It’s when all of the fashionistas come out and wear all the clothes they haven’t gotten to pull tags off of. At the same time, they are debuting some of their fall looks. The new wardrobes are coming out and the old are either being given away to make room for the new or put away for a later date because we all know fashion is full circle and what was once, will be again. NYFW is also right around this time, in early September, so we can catch a lot of amazing style from all the event goers and catch a view of what is coming up in the fashion world.

This song was perfectly fitting as it was one of the summer’s chart toppers and still speaks volumes to some of ours summers! Comment below if summer is your season or if you’re excited for fall!



Great Finds for Great Prices. Fashionistas Come Forth

Previously, I posted about being budget conscious while still being fashion forward in Fashion Doesn’t Forget Finance. In this article, I mentioned some ways that fashionistas are finding ways to continuously stay ahead of the trend, while keeping some dollars in their pockets. Don’t get me wrong, we all have to splurge a little every now and then for that staple piece, like the coveted quilted Chanel bag, but as time goes on, there are so many sites that pop up to help keep us at the forefront without having to break the bank.


Recently heard about this site and so far, so good. This site hosts items uploaded by others for a lot less than retail. Everything from shoes, clothes, accessories and more. I have gone on and in the first 10 minutes of browsing, already saw boots that I wanted to purchase that were more than 50% off of the retail price. There are some great finds, some name brand designers, and of course, deals and savings across the board. I highly encourage you to check this one out!


Vinted and Poshmark

I just started using the app method of taking pictures of clothes that I am ready to share with others. Some of my clothes have never been worn, with tags and others have been worn once and I realize can benefit someone else rather than taking up space in my closet. It is as simple as taking a picture of the item, several if you want to show a few different angles, and uploading the details. It does help when you are able to model the product because it gives people a true to size view of how it may fit. It is very easy and simple and doesn’t even require you to leave the house. Items are sold for less than the retail price, of course, but the value is priceless. Check out my page and download and test the apps out yourself.




If you aren’t a thrift shopper, it isn’t hard to become one when you have places like Buffalo Exchange in your back pocket. This haven of clothes is great for fashionistas who look for those one of a kind pieces of clothing or even vintage pieces that you may not find anywhere else. The items are new or slightly used but all in great condition. People can buy, sell, and trade their clothes for other items. I have been to a few Buffalo Exchange stores across the country and have come out with items as low as $6, that I still have today. Definitely a place to check out if you want to trade in some of your clothes or take a look through the racks and find something new for less.